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SnoCaps is your Minneapolis SnoCap trailer enclosure dealer located in Montrose, MN.  SnoCaps are a one of a kind fabric enclosure for trailers that reduces the weight you’re pulling and helps conserve gas mileage.  We are locally owned and operated by Duane Smith and have served the entire United States and Canada since 1993.  Custom built SnoCaps can be made for any size and type of trailer, from utility trailers up to 40 foot car haulers. Call us today to start planning your custom SnoCap trailer enclosure!  
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The Sport Series SnoCaps are trailer enclosures made specifically for a tilt bed trailer.  They are available in 10’ and 12’ sizes and both a 57” and a 65” height option.  Sport Series SnoCaps are constructed from the same heavy duty aluminum tubing and Road Armor vinyl fabric as the ProSeries SnoCaps, but are a more affordable option made for the tilt bed trailers.  With a roll open back door, roll open front opening, and a fuel door, your snowmobiles are easily accessible while still being protected by the Sport Series SnoCap.  There is a 3 year workmanship and materials warranty on the Sport Series, but like the ProSeries the skin will last between 12-15 years and the frame will last forever.    

  • The frame is constructed out of .125 wall aluminum and is welded together at our shop
  • The skin is made out of our new vinyl Road Armor fabric with heat welded seams, so no worries about seams leaking or thread rotting. 
  • Installs with common hand and power tools.
  • Shippable kits come in one box with easy to follow, illustrated instructions.  The frame slides together easily. 
  • Fits most tilt bed trailers, comes in both 96” and 100” models.
  • 57” tall.
  • Includes one fuel door on the driver’s side.

Sports Series SnoCap Specs
Sports Series Snocap Enclosed Trailer

  • Save on MPG, unlike a traditional trailer cover the ProSeries SnoCap is not only aerodynamic, but is also lightweight saving you money.
  • Protection for your snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, and anything else you want to haul.
  • Easily removable, allowing for hauling of extra tall or wide loads.

You've thought of it all! Thank you Duane and team. The fuel doors make it so convenient and I like the interior lighting.  Saving money on fuel is another big selling point for me.
Benefits of a Sports Series SnoCap 

  • Additional Fuel Doors
  • Interior LED lights
  • Backdoor pockets
  • 65” height

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Due to the nature of our business, most of our work is customized to some degree. Therefore, a 50% deposit of cleared funds is required before your appointment is set and work begins on your order. After work begins the deposit is non-refundable. Removal or defacement of the SnoCaps trademark logo from your SnoCaps voids all warranties.