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SnoCaps is your Minneapolis SnoCap trailer enclosure dealer located in Montrose, MN.  SnoCaps are a one of a kind fabric enclosure for trailers that reduces the weight you’re pulling and helps conserve gas mileage.  We are locally owned and operated by Duane Smith and have served the entire United States and Canada since 1993.  Custom built SnoCaps can be made for any size and type of trailer, from utility trailers up to 40 foot car haulers. Call us today to start planning your custom SnoCap trailer enclosure!  
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  • Fuel Doors
  • Interior LED lights
  • Backdoor pockets
  • 6’ height

You've thought of it all! Thank you Duane and team. The fuel doors make it so convenient and I like the interior lighting.  Saving money on fuel is another big selling point for me.
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ProSeries SnoCap Back Door Open View
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