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SnoCaps is your Minneapolis SnoCap trailer enclosure dealer located in Montrose, MN.  SnoCaps are a one of a kind fabric enclosure for trailers that reduces the weight you’re pulling and helps conserve gas mileage.  We are locally owned and operated by Duane Smith and have served the entire United States and Canada since 1993.  Custom built SnoCaps can be made for any size and type of trailer, from utility trailers up to 40 foot car haulers. Call us today to start planning your custom SnoCap trailer enclosure!  
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For the 200 miles we drove it, it tracked straight and true. Materials, workmanship, and design work excellent so far for the application. Loading and unloading of the aircraft requires minimal effort and we anticipate a positive experience in upcoming travels.
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Custom SnoCaps Trailers Enclosures Photo Gallery
The initial review of the airplane trailer and SnoCap:
     This MotoCap is used to haul motorcycles.
This SnoCap was built for a national transport company.
This SnoCap was built to protect a 1930 Chris Craft show boat.
This is a loadbank trailer and it's accompanying SnoCap.
Here we have a sandrail hauler.
This customer is an avid snowmobiler. This rig was built to carry 8 guys with all their sleds and gear. He also hauled a large SnoCap.
This trailer and SnoCap are designed to protect an air handler. It has a rear door and an open side. This spring it came in to have a resew and a left side door installed. At that point it had 250,000 miles on it!
This SnoCap protects a loadbank that is used for testing generators. It's the second one we have made for the company. Three of the sides open for effective heat dissipation.
This SnoCap was made for a specialized freight company. It features a quick remove option and a side door.
This is an ATV trailer with a locking side door.
This is a combination motorcycle and Jeep trailer. The motorcycles traveled in the front of the trailer, under the SnoCap and the Jeep traveled in the back.
A custom designed trailer and SnoCap used for hauling an ultralight airplane. The entire project is detailed, start to finish on our Facebook page.
An insulated SnoCap, customized for use as a combination fishhouse, ATV, and motorcycle hauler.